Recipe: 5 Veg Lasagne 

My last is exam is on Thursday, and I really cannot wait to be finished. If nothing else, I’m really really looking forward to saying goodbye to Stalin and Western Communism. It’s getting a little depressing, to be honest.

So, to ensure I don’t go completely mad (if I’m not already) I’ve been trying to cook exciting new meals in the evening. BBC Good Food have provided me with lots of inspiration, and this evening I attempted their 5 Veg Lasagne – although I feel like 4 veg would be more appropriate, unless you count tomato sauce as a fifth.

The dish was surprisingly simple, and a different take on my usual traditional meat and cheese sauce lasagne. But it was delish, if I may say so myself.

In particular, the recipe used frozen spinach for the topping. I adore spinach, but had yet to buy the stuff frozen – I’m a convert. I did have to slightly adjust the recipe thanks to a lack of ricotta cheese left on sale at good old Sainsbury’s, but soft cheese worked perfectly as a substitute.


As for the filling, I lightly fried aubergine, peppers and mushrooms before constructing my lasagne; it was very a yummy combination when cooked in the tomato sauce, and I added a bit of extra garlic and pepper for good measure. If making it again, I do I think I’d use some extra mushrooms however. You can never have too many mushrooms.

Another alteration I’d make is potentially adding some sort of cheese within the lasagne, not just on top. I do love cheese so maybe I’m bias, but I felt like there wasn’t quite enough. I think my dish also came out a little too runny, but I quite liked it that way! I also excluded the pine nuts, my student budget doesn’t quite extend that far.

The full recipe can be found here, and I would fully recommend giving it a go. I loved it, which is a relief because I know have 5 more portions in the freezer – I’ll let you know if the lasagne is as yummy post freezer as it was beforehand in due course!


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