Canal central: Amsterdam in photos

Turns out Holland is a pretty amazing country – how come I’d never been before?

Just before Christmas, I went to Amsterdam with two school friends and fell in love with the place. I don’t know whether is was the canals, rickety buildings or variety of museums, cafes and nightlife on offer, but the city has left me wanting more.

Instead of going on endlessly on an over-excited rant (which I’ve already subjected on far too many people), I’ve decided to share my favourite photos from the trip.

I’ve been saving for a DSLR camera for a long time now, and reached my target just before we left. You can imagine, I’m sure, that I went a little crazy as a result. So here are a few of my favourite snaps from the three day trip.

Blue skies over one of Amsterdam’s major canals

There were SO many bikes everywhere you looked

 The Christmas markets were so cute, and the decorations were beautiful and tasteful 

 How can you not love that architecture? 

 I can confirm than Amsterdam does hot chocolates incredibly well 

Els is Dutch, and introduced us to lots of new foods – including profitures, or mini fluffy buttery pancakes. Absolutely delish

 We queued to enter Anne Frank’s house – very emotional but well worth it

 Ice skating outside the Rijk museum – I loved the museum, and although slightly slushy ice skating was very festive 

 The view from the waters – we went on a canal boat trip to get another perspective

 We couldn’t leave without tasting some of the local Heineken! 

 Another wintery shot – the whole city is so picturesque 

 There was a light festival on around the canal, this was one of the displays

 Tulips! How Dutch 

 Another snap from the light festival – I loved playing around with the features on my new camera, not all turned out well I will admit

 No kisses under mistletoe, instead the city stole my heart 


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